LMUN Resources

Proper preparation is important for a complete and successful LMUN 2017 experience. Delegates are advised to develop report writing and resolution writing skill, although pre-written reports or resolutions are not allowed at LMUN. Delegates are also advised to make use of the resources provided by the Secretariat to aid their preparation.

The LMUN secretariat will provide 4 preparatory resources

1. LMUN delegate’s preparatory guide: Delegates should read this important document. It walks delegates through most LMUN processes and will provide answers to most questions

2. LMUN Rules of Procedure

3. LMUN Country Matrix

4. LMUN Position Paper

5. LMUN Committee Background guide

- Executive council of the African union

- Ecosocc Background guide

- United Nations children's fund

- UNDP background guide

- United Nations human rights council

- Security council


6. LMUN terms and conditions

These resources contain the tools needed to aid preparation and to ensure that optimum preparation is made for the conference. It will also provide an understanding of the flow of informal and formal committee sessions and help delegates begin research on the agenda topics for each committee. In order to participate fully, delegates need to research beyond these guides to ensure a holistic understanding of, among others

1. The structure and History of the United Nations.

2. The country or NGO assigned.

3. The committees and their topics.

4. Country or NGO position on the assigned topics.

Please note that prior to the conference; delegates will be required to submit a position paper that espouses the delegate’s country or NGO position on the two topics in consideration in their assigned committee. The guideline for the position paper is downloadable below.

Delegates are also urged to take note of Important Dates for each stage of their preparation and adhere to them.


Delegates must note that plagiarism is not allowed in any form throughout the LMUN conference and delegates who engage in such will be penalized accordingly. Delegates should endeavor to do their own in depth research and come up with their own independent ideas.