Our Committees

At Lagos Model United Nations 2017, delegates will take part in a simulation of meticulously chosen United Nations committees and bodies as well as other international organization to gain deeper understanding of international relations and politics.
The strategic spread and selection of committees for the Lagos Model United Nations Conference 2017 will address pressing global issues, with specific interest in African problems and the recommendation of solutions towards eliminating them. Lagos Model United Nations 2017 will be simulating 5 committees/bodieswithin the United Nations and 2 committees of the African Union.

United Nations Committees/Specialized Bodies

The United Nations Committees will enable delegates to gain a full understanding of the workings and operation of the United Nations body, its sphere of influence, its powers and functions as well as past activities of the United Nations.
These committees are:

The General Assembly

  1. Ensuring a Suitable Environment for Post Conflict Rehabilitation by Establishing Sustainable Economic, Political and Social Structures.
  2. Protecting Wild Life and Agriculture In Light Of the Paris Agreement.

The United Nations Children Fund

  1. Addressing The Custom Of Child Marriage, Female Genital Mutilation And Other Harmful Cultural Practices And Its Impact On The Girl Child.
  2. Children in Emergencies

The United Nations Human Rights Committee

  1. Addressing the Long Term Debate on Torture, Inhumane Treatment and Death Penalty in Africa on the LGBT Community.
  2. Promoting Effective Measures towards Safeguarding and Guaranteeing the Rights of Internally Displaced Persons in Africa

The United Nations Development Programme

  1. Empowering Grass Root Innovation and Local Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries for Poverty Reduction
  2. Improving Access and Maintenance of Sustainable and Renewable Energy.

The United Nations Security Council

  1. Enforcing Emergency Actions, Sanctions and the Sovereignty of Nations.
  2. Maintenance of International Peace and Security; Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Nuclear Disarmaments.

African Union Committees

The AU committees reflect a new blend to the international organizations simulation which will give delegates a more specific experience as it relates to Africa and African problems. The two AU committees were strategically selected to attend to directly relatable social and communal needs.

The Executive Council of the African Union

  1. Eliminating All Forms Of Violent Crimes And Religious Extremism In Africa.
  2. Achieving a Prosperous and Independent Africa through the Sustainable Use and Management of Resources.

The Economic, Cultural and Social Committee

  1. Fostering Global Partnerships for Financing Development.
  2. Investing and Maintaining Sustainable Energy in Africa.